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Redundant Network
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Satellite Connections
Each node directly interconnects with the following Satellite providers in USA and Europe:
  • New Skies using NSS703 bird with two Landing points in USA and UK.
  • Intelsat using 903 and 905 birds with three Landing point options in USA, Germany and UK.
  • Express 3A bird with 2 landing points in Germany and UK.
Fiber Connections
Both nodes are connected to each other with direct fiber connection across the Atlantic with a capacity of
100 Mbps. In addition, we have direct interconnections with Fiber peering clouds like Global Crossing and
Level 3.

Voice Connections
Teltac Worldwide has several Voice connections on both TDM & IP levels with many Tier1 and Tier2 carriers.
Being partnered with major Tier 1 & Tier 2 providers enables Teltac Worldwide to offer its clients competitive rates with premium quality and better cost. Having this variety of interconnections enables Teltac Worldwide to offer LCR routes with CLI for customers seeking cheapest and/or Premium routes.

Internet Connectivity
To ensure that no Internet downtime is experienced, each node is connected with two Tier 1 IP providers each with a connection of 100 Mbps using BGP 4
  • UK Node is connected with: Level3 and VSNL with 100 Mbps connections and BGP4 sessions with our routers to ensure automatic failover routing.
  • USA Node is connected with: Level 3 and Cable & Wireless with 100 Mbps connections and BGP4 sessions with our routers to ensure automatic failover routing
Redundant Switching & Routing Components
Teltac Worldwide uses the latest technology and equipment to provide world-class switching and routing voice termination, including
  • CLASS 4 TDM & IP switches as well as CLASS 5 switches. Each site has a cluster of TDM/IP Class 4 switches setup in a redundant mode to make sure they are 100% hardware fault tolerant.
  • Redundant Session Border Controllers (SBCs). For VoIP interconnections, SBCs are essential to interface with the carriers/customers, hide the network topology and secure it. Each SBC has a capacity of over 5000 concurrent calls using SIP and H323 protocols.
  • Array of SS7/IP media controllers and gateways
  • DB & Reporting Engines based on Oracle and MYSQL systems
  • Monitoring & Control systems for alerting and SMS notifications.
  • Latest Cisco technology routers configured with redundant protocols like HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) for router redundancy and Dynamic Routing protocols like MPLS, BG4, OSPF
  • Cisco switches with VLAN and trunking algorithms